jueves, 20 de marzo de 2008

Standing in front of a make-believe dragon´s head, a fully armored warrior brandishes his sword against the monster. After lighting the paper that has to be inserted underneath the floor, you turn the handle clockwise, and the sword starts swinging wildly to confront the beast. It rocks its head...its mouth opens and its eyes turn around. Its bifid tongue moves menancingly and you can hear the roar of the dragon, while a cloud of smoke surrounds the scene. Behind the dragon´s head, a green elf stands at a high-tech console, operating the levers that seem to drive all the monster´s actions. Behind the warrior, another elf opens the window of his observation spot, hidden in the trunk of a leafless tree, when you turn a small rock on the floor.
Close to the fighter, his weapons and gear surround him. A spyglass, a fully operative crossbow with its arrow bag, his flail, his backpack...

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